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If you're interested, this is the story of how I got here...

I was born and raised in a nice town just outside of London, UK. I am of Panjabi-Sikh heritage and my upbringing was religious yet liberal. My parents are hard-working. My mum is a powerhouse in supporting everyone around her and my dad doesn’t take no for an answer. I was fairly academic and I  read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Oxford.

My first job was at a leading strategy consultancy where I worked on projects for large businesses across many industries on a multitude of problems. I left after 2 years intending to build a startup, sell it and become a wealthy altruist. Whilst this did not happen, I taught myself to be a full-stack developer and built a product but faltered at business development. Afterwards I took on a series of contracts as a freelance management consultant working with some great people, companies and brands. In tandem, I was incessantly testing startup concepts in search of an ideal ‘job' that would (i) support the lifestyle I want, (ii) continuously stimulate me and spur growth, and (iii) impact the world in a meaningful way.

An unexpected turning point came when my mother got Rheumatoid Arthritis. My personal interest in living a life of vitality (read: personal development, psychology, nutrition, biology, meditation, neuroscience, physiology, exercise) became a real-life mission to cure her. Despite her doctors claims that this could not be done, we reversed her condition within a year.

At that point I decided that I want to help people to live a life of vitality and this would be my ‘job’. Since then I have deepened my understanding of the mind and acquired transformational techniques including Rapid Transformational Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Peak States Trauma Therapy. Upgrading one’s mindset is the gateway to making lasting change in thoughts, feelings and actions. In the main, I now work with people who (a) have issues with chronic stress, anxiety or depression, or (b) want to access higher states of being with better performance.

I love what I do and my motto is... Play bigger!


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