The Phoenix Experience

Transformational Therapies + Coaching + Self-care techniques

Burn away your chronically stressed state and wake up to beautiful flow states. This programme is specifically for people who want to totally erase chronic stress, anxiety and depression; it is personalised to you, your lifestyle and your individual triggers. You will find that your 'default' mode is no longer feeling "stressed" but feeling that you are "in the zone".


The Macho Way

Do the Find Your Flow programme + Practice self-care + Do 1to1 work where needed

Find Your Flow is an online course which will teach you self-care techniques. Diligently follow the programme and you will cultivate a daily habit that will build mental strength and resilience to stress.

This practice will also raise your self-awareness. You will know when you need to do 1to1 work and when to reach out to me.

Coming Autumn 2018...

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