How are sessions structured?

Rather than being busy or using time for the sake of it, RTT is entirely about utilising high impact methods to realise change. I have designed my process to very clearly define the desired outcomes and focus our combined efforts solely on actions that will yield change.

The end-to-end process

  1. Pre-session (optional): 
    A conversation to discuss your aims and schedule the RTT session
    (10-15mins telephone call)
  2. The RTT session:
    Full details on session structure are below
    (1.5-2hrs videocall)
  3. Post-session:
    • You listen to your recording (daily for 30 days)
    • After approximately 14 days, I will check in with you to see how you are progressing and collect feedback (typically via email, in some cases a 10-15min call)

The structure of a RTT session

A session lasts up to 2 hours depending on individual circumstances.

1. Clarify the context (20-30mins)

  • Discuss background of unwanted/existing situation and behaviours
  • Clarify desired outcomes

2. Get into hypnosis and demonstrate the power of your mind (10mins)

  • You will be led through an induction to get into hypnosis
  • You will do a little exercise which will show you how powerful your mind really is

3. Understand root causes of existing thinking and behaviours & uproot them (30-50mins)

  • You will be regressed back to the memories which are most relevant to the issue being dealt with
  • We will piece together everything which has contributed to the current perspective
  • You will be empowered to take the decision to let go of this way of thinking

4. Imprint the new thinking and desired behaviours into your mind (20-30mins)

  • You will be led through a multitude of suggestions all tied to your desired outcomes
  • This is very similar to a guided meditation, however, in the hypnotic state this is highly immersive and very relaxing
  • This part will be recorded and becomes the recording that you listen to repeatedly

5. End of session (5-10mins)

  • Come out of hypnosis
  • Discuss any immediate thoughts on the session
  • Your recording will be sent as an mp3 via email shortly after the session
Sukh Kalsi