How can I listen to my recording?

After your session you will receive your customised recording - also known as “the cure” - as an mp3 via email. You should be able to download this easily. I recommend downloading it to a smartphone so you can listen at your convenience

Android smartphones

  • Android users will have an easier time here
  • You should be able to download the mp3 file straight from your email to the phone itself
  • Use the audio player on your phone to play it
  • This will work even when offline
  • Email me at if you're having difficulties!

iOS smartphones

1. Mail App (Online only)

  • You can play the file directly from the Mail app
  • However, you will need to find the email every time you want to play the recording

2. iTunes (Works offline)

  • Download the mp3 to a laptop with iTunes installed
  • Connect your iPhone to iTunes by usb cable and upload the file
  • You should see the file in the “Music” app on your iPhone
  • Full instructions from Apple can be found here

3. Cloud storage services (Online only)

  • If you use Google Drive, Dropbox, or a similar service, you can add the mp3 to those cloud services an d access if from your mobile app
  • You can also access this file from any device with the the app or web access
Sukh Kalsi