How does pay-for-results work?

Answers to various questions about the pay-for-results structure are below.


What is pay-for-results?

Pay-for-results is a way of working where the client and the therapist or coach agree up-front what results the client should expect to realise. If these results are not achieved then the client receives their money back.

Why are you offering pay-for-results?

  1. I want to encourage people to “take a risk”. The idea of a technology such as RTT being so impactful on one's mind is often quite hard for skeptics to accept. I know how influential RTT has been in my own life, my clients’ lives and for many people across the world. Offering pay-for-results, demonstrates my belief in the power of RTT. 
  2. I am extremely confident that I will deliver results over the course of this programme and am comfortable 'putting my money where my mouth is'. Paying for someone's time creates an incentive to take longer to deliver results. Since my intention is to create as much impact in as little time as possible, pay-for-results creates that incentive.
  3. The opportunity to impact you is enough for me. I am completely comfortable with the possibility of working with you, not achieving the result and having to give your money back. My desire to do this work stems from a deep desire to help improve your life. If you give me this opportunity and I am unable to, then I would rather that you don't pay me.

Why would someone do a pay-for-results programme rather than session-by-session?

  • You’re still skeptical about RTT and how impactful it really is and don’t want to waste your money. Let’s be honest, you might not believe it’s possible for you. This is okay. I will put my earnings on the line if you’re willing to invest the time.
  • You want to guarantee that RTT has the desired impact on your life. More attention over a period of time will deepen and fully embed the results into your life. Whilst 1-off sessions are extremely powerful, setting the intention and committing a period of time to completing the work is often stronger.

How do you define what the “guaranteed results” are?

We discuss this in detail our initial consultation and agree on everything before you part with any money. Once we are clear on what you want and expect, and we have a way of measuring/testing the results, the "guaranteed results" are written into an agreement which is counter-signed. You can book a free consultation here.

When am I able to get a refund?

Refunds will be given either (a) before the programme has commenced, or (b) after the programme has been if, somehow, you do not realise the agreed expectations.

Why are coaching sessions included in the RTT pay-for-results programme?

In RTT sessions, we work with your subconscious mind to:

  • Deal with your core issue and, if necessary, deepen this work
  • Work on closely related issues, e.g. following generalised anxiety, we may focus on situation-specific anxieties or phobias
  • Work on aspects of your life that you want to give more attention to, now that you are free from your long-standing problem

In Coaching sessions, we consciously work on:

  • Understanding how the work done through RTT is impacting your life and how to get even more from these changes
  • How your life might further improve, now that you are free from your long-standing problem

Why are you still offering 1-off sessions?

  1. Some clients might not want to invest in a full programme because it is more costly.
  2. After experiencing results using RTT, some clients will want to work on additional areas of their life and will not want/need the longer interactions over the programme.

Why don't you guarantee results for a 1-off session?

Interacting with each other for only 1 session makes it difficult to have a clear understanding of all the forces at play. It is possible that you don’t achieve your desired results after 1 session and I would not be able to comment on why. Over the course of a programme, however, I am able to make deeper observations and course-correct as required. Whilst the RTT method is not any more or less effective, having more interaction allows us to be more diligent in applying the technique and impacting your life.

Can I do a 1-off session and upgrade to the pay-for-results programme if I think I need it?

Whilst this is possible, we will need to be clear on what the “guaranteed results” are from the start. Having this conversation after we have already started working on an issue would be very disruptive. It is best to book in a free consultation and we can discuss your individual circumstances further.


If you're curious to purchase the pay-for-results programme, click hereIf you have any questions which have not been answered, please email me.

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