Is one session enough?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is fundamentally unlike most other methods of change. Other methods rely on the power of the conscious mind alone and require use of willpower for change.

Willpower-based methods of change are limited

Because your willpower behaves like a muscle

  • It is something that needs to be trained in order for it to be useful
  • It gets tired when it is overused. This is why when you’re trying to make too many changes at once, or a really big change, you can often start strong but then you get tired of this new way of being and falter.

Because our subconscious mind runs all of your habits and therefore controls the vast majority of your daily activity

  • The conscious is often very noisy and unless it is still you cannot understand the subconscious which is where literally all of your memories and emotions are stored. Your mind is very powerful and will take you towards whatever it thinks you associate with pleasure and take you away from whatever it thinks you associate with pain.
  • NOTE: What your subconscious thinks might not be the same as what you consciously want. This is because your subconscious remembers literally everything you have ever told it.

Working with the subconscious mind yields true change

Having understood the role of the subconscious mind, we can see that:

  1. True understanding comes from understanding what the subconscious mind has understood from you
  2. True change comes from aligning your subconscious mind with your objectives. Then your mind is working for you without your conscious effort, and you do not need to use willpower to push against it

RTT works with the subconscious mind

The key reason RTT is so profound is because you are connecting with your entire mind in an empathetic way. In contrast, a default behaviour for most people is to use their willpower and force their subconscious mind to comply.

Have you ever had someone try to force you to do something which doesn't sit well with your interests? Or 2 bosses telling you to do different things? Or even 1 boss telling you to do contradictory things? Any one of these situations can represent how willpower-based methods are typically received by the subconscious mind.

Have you ever connected with someone who understands you and found yourself doing what they ask without resistance? This situation represents what happens when you connect with and dialogue with your subconscious mind clearly.

The contrast in these analogies illustrate why dialoguing with the subconscious works significantly faster and with significantly less effort but this is not something most people have done or have an experience to relate it to.

Consequently, a session of RTT can be one of the most empowering and eye-opening experiences you will have. After a session, clients often tell me of their surprise. The roots of their unwanted thinking and behaviours were not what they thought would be, but at the same time this also makes perfect sense. They also speak of the way a weight has been lifted and they feel that they have been freed. And this is only after 1 session.

Is it absolutely always one session?


Firstly, with this sort of work, nobody is ever able to promise results. I can promise you that I will spend my time and my very best effort with you and you would have to trust my sincerity.

To be very clear, there are circumstances in which more than one session will be not only desirable, but even necessary to realise the desired change.

What you should understand, however, is that I do this work because rapid change and spreading joy are my passions. This shapes the way I work in a few ways:

  • I aim for maximal impact in as little time as possible
  • I have no interest in having many clients who have not seen change. In fact, I will not work with someone if I feel that they are not clear on how they want to change or I am unclear on how to facilitate that
  • I will not repeatedly do the same thing whilst mindlessly hoping for different results; I listen, learn and adapt
  • I am constantly seeking out the best methods to use and always give my full attention and effort

Therefore, as a default, I always recommend that we arrange sessions sparingly. We start off with an initial session and observe the impact before committing to further sessions.

In Summary

I want people to see results. I believe in the method. And I believe that whatever you want is possible.

My sincere aim is to get you what you want in one session. If we absolutely need to do more work, then we will do that.

Sukh Kalsi