Is RTT good value for money?

I will compare my services with the average American therapist. According to Talkspace, therapists typically cost $75-$150, and in some cities they can even cost as much as $300 per hour.

RTT with Sukh Kalsi    Traditional Talk Therapy   
Hourly cost    ~$130 = £100 Up to $150
Sessions required    1 (2 hours) 4+ (est.)
Total cost    $260 $600+

In the table above, you can see that there are a few unknowns with talk therapy. It is entirely possible that you visit a therapist every week for a long time without much change. I've put a relatively low estimate of 4 talk therapy sessions but there is no way of benchmarking this reliably.

RTT is all about rapid change and not about creating dependency on the therapist. I always aim to deal with an issue in only 1 session. You know how much that you’re going to be paying, and additional sessions are arranged only when needed. You can look at the testimonials I’ve received to judge the results for yourself.

In terms of the hourly cost, RTT is towards the upper end of Talk Therapy prices, but this feels underpriced to me. In my opinion, RTT is at least twice as good, and I've equated 1 hours of RTT to 2 hours of Talk Therapy. If RTT is twice as good, then it should probably be charged at $300 per hour, or $600 per session.

However, I’ve chosen to keep the price at £200. This is my passion and I want to do a lot of good work, so I don’t want to price out people. I'm sure that you will appreciate that this is very fair value.

Feel free to arrange a callback to discuss how RTT can help you or book a session.

Sukh Kalsi