Why do I need to listen to the recording?

The more often your mind thinks a thought the more familiar it becomes. In fact, your brain physically makes connections between neutrons stronger the more often the same thoughts are accessed. And when you stop thinking certain thoughts, your brain will actually begin to prune the connections it has made. Your brain really is extraordinary; it organises and reorganises itself to make repeated things easier to do and do this as efficiently as possible.

We want to use this to our advantage by making the desired thinking familiar and the unpleasant thinking unfamiliar. Repeatedly listening to the recording familiarises your mind with the desired thoughts by triggering them. Furthermore, doing this whilst in a hypnotic state means those thought waves can be up to 2500 times stronger than thoughts during normal wakefulness.

The more often you do this, the stronger the new connections become and the associated behaviours become embedded. The new thoughts become so prevalent that they drown out old unpleasant ways of thinking.

This principle of familiarity is strong, however, and can even be self-sabotaging. What happens if an individual chooses to carry on thinking unpleasant thoughts, or finds new topics to think unpleasant thoughts about, or refuses to let in the new desirable thoughts and feelings? In short, they will not achieve the results they desire. But, importantly, the individual is in control of this.

It is recommended to aim for 30 days of continuous use. Interestingly, a NASA experiment showed that repeated exposure to a new stimulus caused the brain to totally change its perception after around 30 days. Specifically, they gave subjects goggles that turned images they saw upside-down which. After 30 days of continuous wear, they found that they subjects’ brains had adapted to flip the image so that they could "see normally".

In summary, listening repeatedly to the recording, and letting in the words and feelings, will translate these thoughts and feelings into a normal way of being for you. You can, of course, continue to listen to the recording as much as you feel like after the 30 days; this is great to do if you’re still seeing benefits or whenever you feel like you want a “boost”.

Sukh Kalsi