Why is it hard to change habits?

Have you ever tried to change a habit by making a decision and simply trying really hard? When was the last time this worked for you?

The positive aspect of what you are doing is acknowledging the desire to change. The way that you are going about it, however, creates opposition by working against your mind.

The key reason is this: Your mind is running existing patterns automatically without you having to think about them, and these patterns are driving your behaviour.

Unless you change the patterns that your mind is running, your only option is to use effort to over-rule it. This effort is usually referred to as willpower.

You have created a battle of willpower vs mind. In this battle:

  • Your willpower is limited; it gets tired like a muscle does and it requires your conscious effort all of the time
  • The subconscious mind works non-stop, in the background and it does not forget
  • Your mind is more likely to win

Typically what will happen is this: You will be motivated for a while and make changes. After a while you will experience a dip in your effort levels. And this is the time when the autopilot of your subconscious mind will take over and steer you back to the old habits.

If there is a way to weaken the resistance from your subconscious mind, or even get it on your side, then you will be flowing downstream towards a new habit, rather than pushing yourself uphill and getting tired.

The key lesson here is: To make habit change easier, you should find ways of changing the patterns your mind is running so that it is working for you.

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a way of doing precisely this.

Sukh Kalsi