Will I re-live painful experiences?

Understandably you may be worried about digging up things from your past. These events may have been traumatic and you don’t want to relive them. Or you might have dealt with these events and issues and you are worried that revisiting them will take you backwards. 

Your mind will only take you back to events which are relevant

You should be aware that it is quite possible that when regressed you will go back to scenes which have painful memories attached to them.

If you go back and review a traumatic event when regressed, then your mind is showing you this event because it is relevant and needs to be worked through more comprehensively.

This event is still influencing the way you think and behave, albeit probably in a way which you are not fully aware of.

If an event is still traumatising to think about then it is likely that it has not been fully worked through.

Until this events and its emotional meaning have been fully understood and let go of, it will continue to have influence.

If you choose to avoid working through scenes in this way, then they will continue to influe nce your behaviour powerfully and subconsciously.

Reviewing scenes in hypnosis is an empowering experience

Reviewing an event under hypnosis is very different to reliving an experience/event:

  • Whilst it may seem realistic it is NOT actually happening again
  • The therapist is with you, guiding you through it and supporting you
  • When in hypnosis, whilst scenes are realistic you have a different perspective, almost like being a 3rd person watching yourself
  • You are actually able to manipulate the scene; you can pause the scene, change its look and feel, switch perspectives and consider different interpretations of it

Evidently, going back to any scene whilst under hypnosis is a very empowering experience because you can review the scene and are able to interact with and manipulate it. Personally, if I was committed to making any necessary changes and working through traumatic events, I cannot think of a better setting than hypnosis and RTT.

You are left with two options

  1. Choose to stick with the status quo
  2. Be willing to address any issue or event that your mind shows you (I say this in an agnostic way; you could certainly use method other than RTT/hypnotherapy)
Sukh Kalsi