Will the effects be permanent?

Any of the results that you experience have the potential to become permanent as well as amplified over time. There are actions that you can take to facilitate this.

Actions you can take to embed the results

  • Listen to the recording daily for around 30 days
    • This hardwires the new way of thinking into your neurology
    • It typically take 30 days to kickstart a new habit
    • All physical habits are driven by mental habits; your new mental habit will drive better physical habits
  • Listen to the recording any time that you feel like it, or even whenever you feel it might give you a “boost”
  • Trust in the process of how your brain (or mind) adapts and evolves
    • The more patient you can be with yourself the easier the transition will be
    • If you find yourself trying really hard, you may be trying to use your conscious mind; aim to let go and trust that your subconscious mind will respond in the way that you have asked
    • When positive thoughts and ideas emerge spontaneously, acknowledge them and go with them
  • Consciously say reinforcing statements to yourself throughout your day. Phrases that you remember from the recording are great; especially ones that really resonate with you and trigger you to feel good

How you can sabotage or weaken your results

  • You don’t listen to the recording enough
    • Your brain might not have become familiar enough with the new way of thinking and being for this to be your "default setting"
    • The old ways of thinking are more likely to be re-triggered, either by choice or by your environment
  • You consciously give yourself opposing commands and suggestions which are contrary to the way that you want to behave and the results that you want
    • Example: Your aim is to burn fat but you are looking at a menu and thinking or saying, “I love pizza”, “that grilled chicken and vegetables sounds boring”, "I don't mind being fat because this tastes so good"
    • You are giving yourself suggestions which are opposed to those in your recording. This creates confusion in the mind which will in turn create confusion in your experience.

Key Takeaway

This is a participatory process and if you listen to your recording for a good enough period of time, the way you feel in your recording will likely become your new baseline way of being. In fact, when you are committed to listening it will be difficult for your brain to not have this as its "default mode".

Sukh Kalsi