Will you have control of my mind?

The type of hypnosis used in my sessions is not like street hypnosis. Here are some key points about street hypnosis:

  • Street hypnosis does not work on everyone
  • In street hypnosis, the subject may not have recollection of being hypnotised
  • The hypnotist can potentially offer any suggestion that they want to

The hypnotic induction used in my therapy sessions is a form of deep relaxation.

  • It is similar to being in a meditative state
  • It feels similar to the hazy feeling that one has when they have just woken up or just before falling asleep

This means that you are still conscious, you are still in control and your fight-and-flight responses can still kick in if anything were to happen during the session

The aim of the hypnotic state is not to take control or otherwise disempower away from the client, but is to access to full depths of the mind so that the client becomes more aware of the control they already have and empower the client through this understanding

So there is nothing to worry about in terms of losing control. In fact, if you are able to control your mind and thoughts very well, then you will find it really easy to direct yourself into the hypnotic state under my guidance

Sukh Kalsi