This 30-day online programme will teach you a series of state-shift techniques and train you to use these regularly. You will build a simple daily practice which puts you into a state of flow, as well as safeguards you against stress, anxiety & depression.


This programme will get you into peak state

Your state of being right now impacts everything you do and your experience of it. When you are in a state of flow, or peak state, your focus is sharper, you are more effective and you feel happier.



Being in peak state will put you in the driving seat of how you feel. This will enable you to make decisions from a position of power. In turn you should see yourself making better choices. In situations where your choices and actions are the same, you will be doing things better because you will feel better whilst doing them. Everything is better in peak state, everything is better in flow.


State-shift techniques double up as self-care

Regardless of what your current state is, the techniques covered in this programme will improve your state. If you struggle with chronic stress, using these methods will build mental strength and resilience to stress. Through your practice, you will also raise your self-awareness. In turn, you will know when you need to do deeper/1to1 work with a therapist.


How long will this last?

After the initial programme, you will also receive access to FlowBot for 1 year. FlowBot is simply a computer programme that you communicate with through a messaging app. FlowBot will assist you in keeping track of your state, selecting the right technique to use on a daily basis and embedding a habit of being in your highest possible state.

You will be more present. And more effective. At everything.

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