A radical idea

Imagine you were triggerless. I know it’s a little out there. But imagine that tomorrow, you are able to go about your day without getting triggered like you normally do.

What would be different?
Maybe people say things and... you don't feel emotional outrage.
Maybe stuff doesn’t go as planned and... you don't go into a tailspin.
Maybe you find some time to relax and... your mind doesn’t latch onto something to worry about.

Maybe this is difficult for you to comprehend. How about if you reduced your emotional reactions by only half - how much more could you accomplish?

Would you have more focus when working?
…maybe have more energy to deal with the important stuff?

Would you be more present in your relationships?
…maybe respond thoughtfully rather than blurting things out?

Would you be less prone to comfort-eating?
…maybe have more spare energy to play and exercise?

Becoming Triggerless is a comprehensive online programme giving you the tools to identify and remove your emotional triggers.

If you’re curious to learn more, then arrange a consultation call with me or head over to We Flow Academy.

Play bigger.

[Source: This post was originally posted on Instagram]

Sukh Kalsi