Are you a personal development junkie?

How can you tell if you are a personal development junkie?
Check if you have the following symptoms...

  • You consume vast amounts of personal development content
  • Your thoughts and feelings about life have not changed
  • The way you behave has not changed
  • The way you spend your time (or money) have not changed

Basically there has been no change in your life. The reason for this is you have a broken model of learning.

Your junkie's model of learning tells you to:

  1. Find sources of information
  2. Consume information
  3. Be able to recall information

In fact, true learning happens when you:

  1. Define a goal to reach
  2. Formulate an idea on how to accomplish it
  3. Act on the idea
  4. Review your results:
    • If you got the desired result, you learned what works and have achieved change. Congratulations! Go to step 1.  [Often this is called “success"]
    • If you didn’t get the desired result, you learned what doesn’t work. Well done! Go back to step 2.  [Many people call this “failure"]

Did you notice that in your junkie’s model of learning…
…you don’t have to act  ["great, I save the effort"]
…you cannot fail  ["phew, that’s good"]
…you cannot succeed  ["but this is what I want!"]

Thankfully, there is a way out…

  • Pick ONE thing that you want to change
  • Follow the model of true learning (above) until you get your desired result
  • Rinse and repeat

This will be difficult. Because you are a junkie.
You love information. You're addicted. It makes you feel good. It makes you feel smart. It's easy to get your fix - information is everywhere, it's easy to find and often free. Information will never betray you.
On the other hand, taking action requires effort. Yuck, effort! But only effort and action will get results.

Now you have to decide, what do you want more - information or results? 

If you choose results, then focus is critical. You must focus on one thing in order to break your habit. You can do it. Decide. Do it. I know you can. 

Much love and play bigger x

Sukh Kalsi