How RTT is fixing my business

I have to be honest with you. My business hasn’t been moving at the pace that I want it to. And I haven't been behaving the way that I want to. The simple story is that it has been taking a LOT of effort for me to get simple things done. And this wasn't making any sense to me - I’ve always been a high performer and I get things done. It was really frustrating and I didn’t want to admit that this was a problem.

But when you’re not getting the results that you want, eventually you need to wake up and get real. I had to get real.

So I took a step back and thought about things…

Something happened when I decided to start charging for my services, when it became a business more than just a passion. The way that I was showing up, to every situation, changed. Some might say that this is inevitable, but unless the change is for the better, I consider this to be unacceptable.

How could I understand why things changed?
Lucky for me, I know about RTT, so I booked myself in as the patient. Here’s what came up…

In session 1, we worked on blocks to success & the fear of criticism. I learned that...

  • I need to be different, otherwise I won’t be noticed
  • I need to be similar, otherwise I am excluded
  • Being too similar, or copying, is bad and gets criticism
  • So… I have to be different. And if I speak up, then I will be noticed. But if I am too different, or too successful, I will be excluded

In session 2, we worked on money blocks and uncovering conflicting beliefs. I learned that...

  • I enjoy being a therapist and coach and I am good at it because I can connect deeply with people
  • I believe that money causes people to disconnect and become transactional
  • So… charging for my services was making the work un-enjoyable and un-meaningful

So, now what?

I’m free. Sounds too easy, right? In those sessions I let go of all of the stories supporting all of these trouble-causing beliefs; this is the power of the hypnotic state. These beliefs were causing havoc in the background and there was plenty of evidence to support them. But when you are in hypnosis and able to communicate with your mind at a deep level, you know that those stories don’t have to repeat themselves in future and you can uproot the beliefs. This isn't something I got logically, but at a deep emotional level. I’ve seen that these ideas are false, my mind has got it and there’s no going back.

This is the reality I've moved into…

  • Whether I attempt to be similar or different, it is pretence; and, whether I pretend or not, I have no control over being excluded, rejected or criticised. So I may as well be authentic.
  • Money does not cause anything, it is simply a tool. Some people prioritise money over connecting with people, but money does not cause people to disconnect; people who prioritise money choose to disconnect. So, I can continue to prioritise connecting with people. At the same time, I can charge for my services. I can have joy and meaning in my work.

What’s more, I am training my mind with these new and empowering images and beliefs. Listening to the personalised hypnotic recordings I have from each session does this for me.

And just like that, I’m taking action again. I’m not concerned whether I’m similar or different to you, whether you’ll exclude or dismiss me, whether money will interfere with you and I connecting. I’m back in the flow.

And now I have yet another example of how RTT can give you freedom  :)

What’s stopping you from being free right now?
Arrange a free telephone consultation with me and we’ll talk about how RTT can help you.

Much love and play bigger x

Sukh Kalsi