My biggest flaw

I want to tell you about my biggest flaw and how I'm dealing with it...
I'm a perfectionist. 
I've been procrastinating a lot around publishing video content. 
I've been worried about pushing out low quality content. 

And then I listened to this interview with Seth Godin. And I realised that I'm moving too slowly. Godin talks about the notion of 'quality' - how our idea of not meeting a standard blocks us from being human. We don't allow ourselves to be vulnerable. So we pinch ourselves off from being our natural, creative selves. I saw myself clearly - I'm coming up with ideas much faster than I am putting out content. I fret about 'quality', I'm not completing things and it's making me feel blocked. 

I've always been a perfectionist but I've been letting go of that... gradually. But "gradually" is playing it safe. The best move right now is to totally let go. To not care at all for meeting a standard or impressing people. And instead relentlessly put out stuff in a form which communicates my message.

Truth be told, I can't be bothered to make sexy videos. I don't care much for gloss, I like minimalist, functional and clean. Or at least that's how I see myself. 

So, what is a minimalist, functional and clean way to get my ideas out into the world?
- short blogs, not caring that people don't read anymore because I enjoy crafting ideas in writing
- facebook lives, to echo the message of blogs and reach those people who don't read anymore!

I'll be giving this a try :)

There's a useful lesson in this that I'd like to offer you: We all think that we're not enough at times. And this stops us from completing actions. Then we wonder around feeling incomplete.
Worrying about my content not meeting a 'standard' - which I can't even define properly - was leading me to feel as though I was not enough. Or maybe it the other way around..? It doesn't actually matter...

My point is - completing actions is your way out of the loop. Check it for yourself...

What do you most want to do, or be, or have?
What would the next action be...
...if you were doing that thing?
...if you were already being that way?
...if you were to have that thing? 

Why are you...
...not taking this action?
...contemplating that action?
...delaying and deferring that action?
Consider that your explanations are all lies.

Do you have that action in your head?
I challenge you to take it right now.
Freedom is waiting on the other side of it.

Much love and play bigger x

Sukh Kalsi