The path to peak performance

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Everyone on this planet has their version of what it means to succeed. Maybe you have clarity on this, maybe you don’t yet. Whatever your version is, let us call this the destination. In order to get to your destination you need to perform. In order to get to your destination most effectively, you need to perform at your peak. Whilst peak performance is demonstrated in your actions, your current actions reflect your current state. Therefore, you need to be in a peak state.

This series of articles has been about working on one’s mental strength. If you practice the techniques that I have shared with you, you will start to dissolve stressed-states and start to spend more time in peak-states. (I also like to use the term 'flow state' as popularised by Mihaly Csikszentmihaly to describe the sensation and state of being "in the zone"). Training your mental strength should not only ease or defer mental health issues but support a fulfilling life. 

Developing mental strength will mean that you can spend a greater proportion of your time in peak state. When you are in a peak state, or feeling in “flow”, or are "in the zone":

  • You are able to perform tasks with enhanced clarity and effectiveness

  • You are able to handle challenges with poise and meet them head-on

  • You are able to be blissfully in the moment at the same time as feeling enthusiastic about accomplishing your goals

  • You truly enjoy your own company without needing a reason to

In short, mastery of peak state will trickle into every aspect of your life. It’s my intention with this article that you make this a priority and for it to become your reality.

How will it become your reality?

Through persistence. To some, persistence can sound like an endless journey to nowhere. However, persistently acting on a definite intention will:

  • Build strength - acting becomes easier, the more action you take

  • Deliver insight - every reaction to your action is a lesson learned

"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer" - Albert Einstein

In truth, the only way that we fail in achieving a goal or reaching mastery is when we give up. In that case, why do we give up, or delay or start-and-stop? Why are you not consistently taking action?

  1. You don’t have enough clarity: Most people could write essays on what they do notwant but struggle to describe what they do want. When you are clear on the destination in mind, you are almost able to step into a movie where the outcome is already a reality. And when you can tune into this vision in an instant, you have motivation on tap. You don’t need to watch motivational speakers, or read endless productivity hacks to get yourself moving.

  2. You don’t have enough commitment: When you get some clarity on what you want, it might feel preferable to protect it as a nice daydream rather than actually make it happen. Because making it happen has risks and incurs costs; it's quite easy to focus on all of the effort required and things that you might miss out on. Or even worse, putting in all the effort and not getting the result - Failure. What's even worse than failure?Getting to the end of your life wishing you had at least tried. Ponder this for long enough and you will see how important your goal is to you. Bravery can materialise in an instant.

  3. You don’t have enough accountability: Let’s say that you want to give up drinking for a while because you want more energy to work on a side-project at the weekends. On a Friday night, are your friends the sort to ask how your side-project is progressing or are they peer-pressuring you into drinks? In general, it is too easy to take actions that are the opposite of where you want to go. You need to have people and put the structures in place to make it extremely difficult to stay in your comfort zone. Such that if you’re being complacent or something unexpected has derailed you… your people will step in, encourage you and remind you who you’re going to be. And when someone holds this space for you - Bam! - you snap back to being the person of intention.

It is simple but not always easy

Clarity. Commitment. Accountability. With diligence, you can craft these yourself. Alternatively, the swiftest route to discovering these is by working with a coach who you deeply connect with. Then you will be persistent. Persistently executing the right strategies will deliver growth. Continuous growth will get you results.

Do your best to get these three forces in place in your life. You have little to lose and lots to gain.


If you want a coach to help you burn away stressed states and wake up to beautiful flow states, then reach out to me. This is the key to living a high quality life. We will work together to...

  • Upgrade your mindset and shift your normal state dramatically

  • Ingrain in you a routine to dissolve stress-states and tap into beautiful peak-states

  • Address and remove any blocks as and when they emerge

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