Press pause

One-third of people in the UK will experience a stress-related mental health illness in their lifetime. Putting it another way, stress levels are so elevated that one-third of people will develop mental health illness. This is insane. And I imagine it’s similar for many other developed countries. The World Health Organisation says that mental disorders affect one in four people globally.

Awareness of this issue is growing but what action is being taken?

The common-sense solution for work-related stress would be to take time away from work and practice self-care. That could mean getting a massage, spending time in nature, watching comedy, or anything that simply helps you reset.
…but what do you do about stress that isn’t work-related?
…and what about the moments when it's getting too much?
…can we do something instead of just hoping for a better day?

Imagine this instead...
What if you could create a pause in the stress levels?
What if you could release this stress before you reach overwhelm?
What if you could condition yourself to be able to handle the same stress levels a lot more easily?

I think this is better than having to tolerate stress until you are able to escape it. And I can show you my formula.

Basics of Flow is my response to this global epidemic:

  • It only requires 50 minutes over 5 days to complete.

  • You will learn practices which I use daily to keep me straight and put me in a higher state. 5-15mins/day is enough.

  • I’ve made it free because I believe you and I should have been taught this in school.

Put these techniques to the test yourself. And then share it with the people in your life who need it. It’ll be worth it.

You can sign up now at We Flow Academy

Play bigger.

[Source: This post was originally posted on Instagram]

Sukh Kalsi