What’s your resolve?

I had a little exchange with a friend on what’s app today…

ST convo v2.jpeg

For a long time I think everyone around me thought I was chatting sh*t. Maybe I was. For the last 8 years or so I’ve been talking about travelling, running my own business, being a digital nomad. I was plotting, scheming and building stuff. And then I was 31 and still in the same space. I had learned a lot of lessons and had evolved but the conditions I was living in were the same. I was waiting for everything to be right before I made the jump. 2018 was the year in which I finally thought: ‘F’ it, what’s the worst that can happen? The “worst that can happen" will not be fun if it happens, but the taste of regret is far worse. So… JUST. F’ING. DO. IT.

I’ve noticed that very few people do what they say they’re going to do. And very few people say what they truly want to do. Maybe this is why most of the world is unhappy.

Now, it’s the beginning of another year. Instead of making weak resolutions that last 2 weeks, try meditating on these questions today...

What do you truly want?

Go deeper...
Do you want it because other people want it or because you do? If other people want it, why do they want it?
If you definitely want it, why do you want it? What is it that you want to feel or experience?

Why don’t you say what you want?

Go deeper...
Are you worried about what people will think or say about your desires and dreams?
Do your dreams seem too unrealistic? To you or to others?
Do you start wondering if you are good enough or deserve these things?

Why don’t you do what you said you wanted to do?

Go deeper...
Are you worried that something "bad" will happen?
Which excuses do you make to delay things? Does a delay make those things easier?
Are you happy to wait for things to happen?

Be patient and write out all of the thoughts coming up. Think about what you truly want. Say it out loud. Then do it. Do it one step at a time…

Play Bigger x

Sukh Kalsi