Your mind is so powerful that it can drag you into despair at any time, even when everything is going perfectly well. Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) will enable you to understand and release this propensity for loathing oneself so that you can be the best version of you. For the full explanation, read on...

How you got here

You probably landed on this page because you have some of these problems:

  • Overwhelming feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or worthlessness or excessive and inappropriate guilt
  • Loss of interest and pleasure in most activities
  • Poor appetite or overeating
  • Insomnia or hypersomnia
  • Constant low energy or fatigue
  • Difficulty in thinking clearly, concentrating and taking decisions
  • Low self-esteem
  • A low, dark or sad mood that is persistent and present most of the time
  • Feeling certain that the future is bleak and will be negative
  • Recurrent thoughts of death and suicide

It is quite likely that you would like to:

  • Feel free and able to enjoy life
  • Be able to sleep easily and deeply
  • Wake up feeling energised, light and joyful
  • Feel powerful, energetic and enthusiastic throughout the day
  • Feel hopeful, positive and confident

If this describes your situation, then let's imagine that you are overhearing a conversation...

You’re rubbish at this. You’re useless at that.
This is a nightmare. This is a disaster. Why did you even try?
If you do that, they will see how useless you are.
Don’t say anything, it might be wrong and they’ll know how dumb you are.
For fuck’s sake, you failed again.
You’re so shit at this, just give up.
Focus on something you’re good at. But you’re not good at anything.
Just don’t bother. It’s easier. It’s safer. 

Would you say these things to a friend of yours? If your friend talked to you like this, would you want to hang out with them?

Now let's replace ‘you’ with ‘I’...

I'm rubbish at this. I'm useless at that.
This is a nightmare. This is a disaster. Why did I even try?
If I do that, they will see how useless I am.
Don’t say anything, it might be wrong and they’ll know how dumb I am.
For fuck’s sake, I failed again.
I'm so shit at this, I should just give up.
I'll focus on something I'm good at. But I'm not good at anything.
I won't bother. It’s easier. It’s safer. 

Does this sound familiar? Do you ever talk to yourself like this? Or worse?

It is no surprise that it is painful to be in your shoes. It would be unnatural to feel anything except demoralised when you hang out with this inner critic 24/7. With morale so low, why would you act on your heart’s desires? Why would you believe that you’re good enough, or that it is possible?

This inner dialogue might demonstrate how you became depressed, but we want to know where the voice came from in the first place...

What you need to understand

You have a self-image together with a set of beliefs stored in the depths of your mind and these regulate all of your behaviour. You will automatically gravitate towards this image without effort because it sits in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind instantaneously delivers the "right" thought and feeling to you; most of your decisions are already made.

Your mind does this to save you having to think consciously, because this requires more time and more energy. Your subconscious is like an "autopilot" and can be very useful because it handles repetitive tasks and frees up our conscious mind to focus on new things.

However, problems emerge when you have beliefs in the subconscious mind which conflict with your goals. Now your "autopilot" is taking you in a different direction to where you want to go.

Your existing beliefs and self-image came from good intentions. Your mind has listened to all of your experiences and how you interpreted them at the time. It remembers all of these and is simply acting accordingly. Your mind is doing what it thinks that you want it to do.

There are many reasons your mind might be obsessed with regret and criticising yourself. For example:

  • Believing that you're not good enough and that you never have been - you blame yourself for various things; you have regrets; you feel guilty about the past; you believe that your present actions cannot compensate for the past
  • A looming sense that you will be found out for being incompetent, inadequate or not enough in some way
  • Expecting to fail again in future (as you did in the past) and you sabotage your efforts as a result
  • Believing that you cannot change or that you cannot improve
  • Believing that other people are better than you, are watching you, judging you and criticising you

Some of these might resonate with you, others may not, but these are some of the patterns that I have come across. Your stories will be unique to you and you will have your own blend of reasons underlying your depression. More importantly, the reason that you believe these stories lies in the way that you have interpreted your many life experiences. Any experience can be interpreted in many ways, ranging from empowering to disempowering.

The path to being free from depression lies in unpicking these stories and beliefs and creating empowering ones. This requires you to find some way of:

  1. Becoming conscious of the patterns and stories your subconscious mind is running
  2. Re-interpreting the stories and remove those patterns
  3. Planting a new, desirable pattern (and nurture it so that it grows!)

Using this process to replace your old pattern of criticism and regret with a new habit of appreciation - of your circumstances, of yourself, of everything - will enable you to feel the joy of life.

How I can help you

I have come across various techniques for communicating with one's mind. The most powerful and comprehensive one I have come across is Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). It is so effective that it works remotely via video-call and my clients appreciate this convenience.

One session of RTT will take you through all 3 steps above and most people only need one session. It works very quickly and is an experience like no other - but don't take my word for it, read some testimonials.

Next steps

If the above challenges and goals resonate with you, then I invite you to schedule a call to discuss RTT with me

After you've gotten the clarity you need, we can book a session.

If you want to understand more, you should check out the guide. And if you still have unanswered questions, then please email me.

Lastly, if there is anyone close to you who could benefit from RTT, please share this on! It could make a lot of difference to someone.