RTT videocall session | Rapid Transformational Therapy

RTT videocall session | Rapid Transformational Therapy


You will receive:

  • One session of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) lasting 2 hours
  • A personalised hypnotic recording tailored to your preferences

RTT can be used for a wide variety of mental health issues and mental performance needs. Further information is below.

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Rapid Transformational Therapy is a method of hypnotherapy designed to create tremendous shifts in one’s mindset in as little as 1 session.

A session lasts 2 hours; this roughly breaks down into five chapters:

  1. Clarify the context and desired outcomes
  2. Get into hypnosis and understand the power of your mind
  3. Find foundations of existing thinking and uproot them
  4. Imprint the new thinking and desired behaviours into your mind
  5. Come out of hypnosis and concluding discussion

You will receive a recording (of chapter 4 of the session), which will be your personalised recording for you to listen to. Critically, listening to this repeatedly reinforces the new way of thinking until it becomes instinctive for your mind to think in this way. The result is a new mindset and, consequently, a new you.

Topics that might be addressed in a session include (but are not limited to):

Do you need more information?  Check out the FAQs, and then schedule a callback to discuss further.

IMPORTANT: Proceeding with purchase indicates that you have read, understood and agree with the RTT Terms and Conditions (these differ to, and are in addition to, the general Terms and Conditions).

Disclaimer: Results can never be guaranteed and testimonials should be used to gauge the potential range of outcomes from a RTT session. My intention is always to only have 1 session in order to realise a shift, however, I cannot guarantee that further RTT, or other work, will not be required to realise the results you desire. You will be paying for my time and I can assure you that I will be fully present and give you my very best effort.

Optional: Although not essential, I have outlined some actions you can take to help you get the most out of a session.