Lovability | Hypnotic Recording

Lovability | Hypnotic Recording

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This recording is designed to increase your sense of lovability. Especially useful if you:

  • Struggle with self-confidence, self-image and anxieties
  • Often feel needy, especially in relationships
  • Crave external validation, e.g. hoping that people will accept and praise you

Greater self-love bleeds into your feelings, your behaviour and how other people interpret your actions. When we feel more lovable, we give more and are able to let in more.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Note: Individual results cannot be guaranteed and will vary.

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If you could choose how you feel right now, what would you choose?

Why can't you feel this way?

Are you outside-in or inside-out?

When you are outside-in...
...you crave for circumstances to be the way that you want, and you need this to happen because you feel incomplete
..the world is an unwieldy beast that you constantly seek to manipulate

When you are inside-out
...you show up to every situation and circumstance from a place where you are already complete
…the world is a playground for you to express yourself

Lovability is the difference. When you can tap into inner bliss on demand it is easy to feel complete as well as play bigger in life. You become inside-out.

Does sound too difficult? Or impossible?

Everyone has their stories of why they are not lovable. Maybe you have good ones.
But remember this: Whilst we definitely are OWNERS of the stories, we ARE NOT the stories themselves.

Transitioning to an inside-out mindset is possible and depends entirely on whether your mind is a friend or foe on this journey.

Simple practices to cultivate lovability

1. Use this recording to get your subconscious mind working for you

This lovability recording - which is now free - will put you into a hypnotic trance and immerse you in thoughts and feelings of love and loving yourself better. In this state, your brain gives off alpha and theta waves, which are 100-2500x stronger than ordinary beta brainwaves you have whilst awake. So these thoughts and feelings are stronger. Listening repeatedly over 30 days will train your brain and create a new mental habit of appreciating yourself better; this habit will bleed into your life and affect every other thought and action that you take.

2. Consciously practice letting “it" in

We often let our stories get in the way when someone offers us love and appreciation, e.g. “Well you wouldn’t love me if you knew...”, “How can you say that when you don’t know me well enough”, “If that was true then why do I feel this way..?”
In this way you’re using your imagination to reaffirm the old stories. You might be experiencing your wildest dreams and could still feel depressingly low.

When you receive love, affection or appreciation and you feel yourself resisting, ask yourself this question:

“How would it feel if someone exactly like me was able to let this praise in and believe it was true?”

Allow yourself to settle into this for a few moments. How does this feel in your body? What are the thoughts that this person would have? How would this person react?

I challenge you to let your imagination dwell on this question for a full minute. Take note of how you feel afterwards.

3. Consciously practice appreciation and gratitude every day

Spend 1 minute jotting down...

...all the things you’re grateful for experiencing in the last 24 hours, e.g. your morning coffee, being able to cry with your friend, something that made you laugh, that long hug you received, a warm shower, closing a big sale yesterday.

...all the things you appreciate about other people and life in general, e.g. your friend’s smile, the tree you walk past every morning, the person who held the door open for you, a charity you came across that is doing good work, the sunshine in the morning.

...all the things you appreciate about yourself. This will be the most challenging one. Slow down. Be patient. Whilst you’re waiting for thoughts to come up, you can calmly remind yourself “I appreciate you”. It will make you cringe at first. Your imagination atrophies when it hasn’t been used for a while, but patience and persistence will sprout self-appreciation.

Give it a try

These small practices will kick-start the process of learning to love yourself. Truly. Deeply. Unconditionally.

You have nothing to lose. I’m giving it to you absolutely free.
Lovingly, I might add ;)

If you feel significant internal resistance and skepticism, especially when listening to the hypnotic recording, this can indicate deeper self-image issues. It's worthwhile considering a full RTT session to clear these.

Click here if you want to speak with me - we'll talk through RTT, self-love and your other questions.