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What people say about working with Sukh


The satisfaction I feel from seeing change in someone's life is unparalleled.

Each of the wonderful people with whom I have worked showed up with a powerful attitude that allowed them to reap the full benefits. They were willing to trust me and committed to following through.

I hope that, after reading their words below, you will feel comfortable working with me.

- Sukh Kalsi -



Kate, Tech Founder, London | August 2017

Sukh made feel completely comfortable and as a sceptic to these sort of things he really made the process easy. I felt he was really perceptive when I was finding it difficult and lead me into a comfortable place. The results were amazing from the first day - I was blown away by how much it has helped. I wanted to keep doing this over and over for all my worries / issues.

Mei, RTT Practitioner, Malaysia | July 2017

My session with Sukh was amazing. He was very patient and intuitive. He knew how to guide me when I was unable to see a clear scene. He helped me piece together an issue I wasn't even aware I have.

The session has helped me be more aware of certain thoughts and have removed certain beliefs I hold since young.

I have since been able to trust other people more and doubt myself less when it comes to romantic relationships.



Rich, Designer, Bedford, UK | August 2017

I immediately felt at ease during my time with Sukh. He took the time to research the different aspects related to my hypnosis session in a professional manner. The session itself was a revelation and the techniques used were effective in processing the root causes of my issues. The experience itself was calming and I feel a lot more at ease with life in general now.

Abi Popat, Executive Assistant, London | August 2017

Absolutely fantastic experience with a calming, focused and friendly therapist. I went to Sukh to have a session of RTT to help me cut down/ stop drinking alcohol. Since my mum passed away in 2012 I had become a lot fonder of the drink and felt it wasn't helping me in my yoga practice and just generally in my life. Sukh was calming, confident and very professional, we arranged a session and if I am being completely honest I didn't know what to expect and I was skeptical, having never had RTT or even heard of it before. The session was eye opening, and immediately after it I felt a shift in how I felt, in my attitude and thoughts, I instantly knew it was likely I would never drink again! I have been completely sober for 3 months now and I honestly haven't looked back once. I feel I have sorted the root of my drinking and am confident I will never feel the urge to drink again. The best bot for me, is that I am still able to socialise with people who are drinking, go to bars and clubs and parties and I don't feel tempted or even have a slight desire to drink or envy of those who are drinking. I am forever grateful to Sukh and have already recommended him to no end to all of my friends and family!



Ben, Operations Supervisor, Milton Keynes | August 2017

Sukh Kalsi is genuinely one of the nicest and most positive people you will ever meet. As a person he has such a good energy and this really translates into the sessions. Not only is he is friendly, Sukh is incredibly intelligent and this enables him to offer insights and ideas that really make you think about things in a new light. Throughout my session we have built a professional yet friendly relationship that has enabled me to work through some challenges I was facing in a comfortable setting. The sessions have been very beneficial and effective, despite being skeptical of the approach at first, I am now completely convinced and overwhelmed at the positive impact this process has had on my life. It's clear that Sukh is genuinely interested in helping people and I'm confident he will carry on to change lives for the better. I strongly recommend making contact if you feel you're not where you would like to be right now.

J. Hayes, Australia | June 2017

Sukh has a reassuring and confident manner which sets the client at ease immediately. His patience and support allows the client to find the true cause of their issue or problem. He then helps them work from the source of the issue through to a positive long-lasting solution.



sam, accountant, london | August 2017

It was a wonderful experience and it really opened my eyes to the fact that the issue I was having on the surface was actually a symptom of a much deeper issue. Although I still have work to do on that deeper insecurity, I do feel that your session helped me to take a big jump forward in understanding that it was there and in overcoming it. I'm so grateful to you for helping me.

Kate Fisher, Australia | June 2017

I did a session with Sukh around confidence. It was amazing and profound and far reaching. We worked on one aspect of my life and yet it seems he worked on confidence as a collective whole. A month later, and with a bit of hindsight, I noticed a considerable shift in me. I came out of my shell and started to live with more purpose and by that I mean being me and not allowing the negative people to affect me the way they did. This is profound as there were family members that loved to criticise the smallest things about me. Now I look at them and giggle wondering why they are even bringing it up. These days I project a sense of self that I’m happy with and I have Sukh to thank all of this freedom.



Reena, Optometrist, Dallas TX, US | August 2017

The benefit from the session was immediate and profound I did not feel the need for my medication as much as I used to. Sukh was kind, attentive, patient and had a lovely bedside manner. He made me feel comfortable instantly. He genuinely cares. I could not stop talking about what a great job he had done!

Dilraj Kalsi, Doctor, UK | August 2017

Sukh is awesome in guiding you through the process of RTT. He makes you feel comfortable and totally at ease, allowing you to get through the depths of your feelings in order to constructively move forward. He helped to remind me of repressed memories which have shaped my beliefs and sense of self and the recording has since changed all of that so I can let them go and become so much stronger. It was a truly unique experience I would recommend to anyone who is looking to better themselves in any way.



Nimmi, small business owner, W.Midlands, UK | JULY 2017

I've known Sukh for many years. He is discreet and professional. He's intelligent and approachable. I found his technique very relaxing. The results speak for themselves in how much my life has changed since. I'm kinder to myself. I have even managed to help a few close friends and family struggling with similar problems. I'm glad I took the step to help myself. Thank you, Sukh.

Gurj, Sports enthusiast, W.Midlands, UK | August 2017

I have been really impressed with my RTT sessions with Mr Sukh Kalsi. I have not tried anything like this before and was skeptical/anxious about everything. But after my first consultation with Sukh I was excited about RTT. He answered my questions thoroughly and walked me through the process. He gave me every opportunity to think about how I felt and was not pressured into anything I would not feel confident with. I liked his honesty which built and reassured me I was in safe hands.

During the process of RTT, Sukh was professional and gave me real insight into where my personal pitfalls may lie. I was impressed with the whole process and will really recommend it to others. I feel the most beneficial way to gain from your RTT sessions is to have an open mind and to answer the questions honestly. Keep track with the number of days you are listening to the recordings so you can hold yourself accountable. I look forward to working with Sukh in the future.



RK, Australia | July 2017

I had an RTT session with Sukh and I found it so easy to open up to him. He was insightful and helped me to gain a new understanding of the cause of my lack of confidence. 

I always say that the ‘proof is in the pudding’ and over the last several weeks I’ve seen evidence of this! I’ve been speaking about my new business with confidence and enthusiasm. I even volunteered to be interviewed on film for a Facebook promo, something I would never have done in the past, even if you had offered to pay me. If you have any issues with confidence or releasing outdated, limiting beliefs then I highly recommend that you give Sukh a call. 

Gareth, Actuary, London, UK | August 2017

An RTT session with Sukh is a great experience. Sukh sought a deep understanding of the issue to be dealt with and tailored a recovery/session structure around it. The hypnosis phase was very powerful and got right to the core issue. I definitely recommend an RTT session with Sukh!



Robyn, London, UK | August 2017

Sukh is a caring individual who really made me feel comfortable with telling him my issues. He was really good at getting to the bottom of my issues with food from my childhood and was able to reprogramme my thinking, swapping my bad habits of eating certain foods with new alternatives. His recording was incredibly useful and I find that some of the sentences he used in it come up into my thoughts and prevent me from going to autopilot, alowing me to think more consciously about my food choices. I would highly recommend his service to anyone. Thank you.

H.Singh, W.Midlands, UK | September 2017

I did not expect anything from the session, I was very open minded and felt any expectations may effect the outcome/results of the session. I had a few areas to work on, which Sukh discussed with me during a phone consultation. One of the areas was motivation. I felt like I was lacking the motivation in completing tasks which lead to poor decision making. I chose to have the session on morning, as I could crack on with my day after, and Sukh accommodated for this. The session last around 2 hours, and we conducted this over video conferencing. I used my phone for the session and it was really easy to set up, everything ran smoothly without any interruptions.

The session was amazing, as I did not know what to expect, going in to REM and feeling like I was half asleep but very aware was a really good experience. Sukh instructions were very easy to follow throughout the session. I felt like the session explored deep topics, which I was fine with, and in the end very happy to discuss these topics as I felt weight lifted off my shoulders. I don't want to spoil it for others, but there were some very cool experiences Sukh took me through. My favourite part was the last part of the session. I think this part of the session only lasted around 20-30 minutes, however it felt like hours. Sukh took me into a deeper sleep and after discussing and addressing areas - this was so relaxing and peaceful. This was the best nap I have had ever. Sukh provided me with part of the recording via email, which I was instructed to listen to for 30 days after the session. I missed some days, due to really late nights working, I completed around 20-24 days.

Straight after the session, I felt amazing and the day went really positively. A few days later i received some really positive news about a project I have been working on for a long time. It was amazing to feel the positive energy was translating to positive outcomes, especially on projects which have been stagnating for period of time. On the motivation goal, I find it much easier to make a decision and stick to the decision I have been making, and then I am motivated to carry that decision through. For example, I made changes to my diet and training, and these were really easy to make, and I have found it really easy to stick with. I have felt the same in other areas too like completing tasks at work and personal life.

The experiences with Sukh's session have been enlightening. I have felt very positive in life and generally have been in a really good mood. I have also seen positive results in the goals we set which is great to experience so quickly after only one session. I have some areas which I would still like to work on. I will be booking in another session soon, hopefully to take my personal development to the next level.

Thank you for your time and experience.



Nassar, Entrepreneur, London, UK | October 2016

In the past I have struggled with frustration due to the expectations I have of myself and others. During our coaching session Sukh exposed a number of holes in my logic which then forced me to reevaluate and improve my world view and approach in this highly important and too often neglected area of my life.