My name is Sukh Kalsi. I am obsessed with optimal health and realising human potential.

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This obsession has driven me to help people accomplish feats such as reversing rheumatoid arthritis, weaning off of anxiety medication and overcoming fear of public speaking.

On this website you will find a plethora of resources dedicated to helping you upgrade your health and realise your potential. I hope you feel inspired and motivated to level up.

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We Flow Academy

Learn to stress less and get into flow.

Recondition your “normal” state to a higher level with this online behavioural change programme.


transformational coaching

Using techniques including Peak States Trauma Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Rapid Transformational Therapy, I have helped people overcome:

  • Chronic stress issues

    • Anxiety, including panic attacks

    • Depression, including dependency on medication

  • Performance issues

    • Debilitating fear of public speaking

    • Creative blocks

    • Patterns of self-sabotage, railroading progress towards goals

Do you have any of these issues? If so, I invite you to book a consultation to explore how you can step powerfully into a new future.

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